Thursday, 22 December 2011

In January I am going to be selling some things on here and facebook. To raise money for Glynneath guinea pig rescue. Where my boys come from. The rescue as been over run with guinea pigs and after Christmas when kids get fed up of their new pets they often end up in the rescue. So Suzy needs our support. I will defiantly be selling valentines cards, and other cards. All of the items money will go to Suzy. I have collected quiet a collection of craft materials and so it will be good for me to get to use it and also get the stash down a bit Hubby complaining . So I thought this is the best way to keep him happy and help the guinea pigs too.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Price List

Price list.
Crochet Net £6 and £2 P&P 30" square bigger sizes will be more.
Hammack house £6.50 and £2 P&P
Novalty cushion £4.50 and £2 P&P
Novalty Cushion with lace £6.50 and £2 P&P
4 postage hammack £4.50 and £2 P&P
Wellie Socks £3.50 £2 P&P
Small Cat bed £8 £2 P&P
Cushion for cat bed add £2
Corner Hammack £3 and £1 P&P
Padded Cuddle pocket £4.50 and £2 P&P
Square Hammack house £6.50 and £2 P&P
Cage Cushion £3 and £2 P&P
Waterproof blanket £4.50 and £2 P&P
Cuddle Pocket £3.50 and £2 P&P
Large cuddle pocket £5 and £2 p&p
Padded cage mats price depends on size
Scented Guinea pigs £3 and £2 P&P
Waterbottle covers £1.50 including postage.
Cuddle snuggle tunnel £5 and £2 P&P
Hutch mat Price depends on size.
Triangle toy with bell inside £2.50 and 2 P&P
Handmade cards £1.50 and £1 postage.
Brooch £2.50 and £1 postage.
Hair clip 4" £3.50 and £1 postage.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

brooches hair clip and more cards.

Hair clip.



the guinea grotto.

I have fully decorated my guinea pigs home as you can see. I love it even if they dont understand it all. The lights when all on are quiet peaceful and relaxing so I think I may leave them all year round. I love my animals and as you can see they are a big part of my life. They are all special to me. 

welsh costume

I have always wanted to dress as a welsh girl for some odd reason. I went to the sewing shop in my local town and seen some fabric in the off cuts. Its dog tooth material and cos 70p. So I thought I could make a piny and shawl out of that. And then at a later date try and make daffodil out of felt and a hat. So watch this space. It may be a start of me making fancy dress items who knows.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Christmas is coming so fast.

Hair clip £3.50 and £1 postage.

Hammock can be made using chrsitmas fabric too.
£4.50 and £1 postage.

All cards £1.50 and £1 posted.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

There is a lot of work and materials gone into this. The flakes I took off something last year so will no be able to use the exact ones. I have used silver thread and sewn each number by hand and the 24th is a bigger pocket with the numbers done in gold. To hold it up it as a bamboo stick and gold string running through it. I have put 6 bells on the bottom so it jiggles to catch anyone cheating. The back has stiffener on it. I will sell them for £15 and £2 postage.

Chinchilla tree decoration 3 for £5 and £1 postage mix and match with my other tree decorations.
All my cards are £1.50 each and £1 postage.

Guinea pig armchair £7.00 and £2 postage.

Monday, 31 October 2011

To show you the two different sizes I do in cuddle pockets.

Large cuddle pocket £5 and £2 postage.

Cuddle pocket £3.50 and £2 postage.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Hi people, Just to update you on what I am doing at the moment. I am totally addicted to crafting at the moment. My hairdressing business is very slow at the moment, a lot of customers have been lost this year mostly through death. So I am just crating all day. I love card making and make a card everyday. I am enjoying the craftcupboard on facebook and also the craftyness forum. They keep me in full motivation to keep making my things. I am at the moment making myself an advent calender which will have a guinea pig Christmas scene on it photos to follow. My animals take up most or all my money but hay they are my life. They are what makes me happy and keeps me going apart from my lovely partner of course. My two rabbits are going for their injections tomorrow two done last two to go. My oldest rabbit is 7-8years old. Not sure how old she was when my Dad found her. I want her just health checked as well. So keep watching this blog more to come. :D enjoy!!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Birthday card
 £1.50 and £1 postage.

Large cuddle pocket. £5 and £2 postage.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Bex pets christmas stash.

Cards can be personalized they come with inserts in the inside. £1.50 and £1 postage. I combine postage when ever I can.
Hot water bottle cover.
£3.00 and £1 postage. I am hoping to be able to get hold of the hot water bottles so I can sell as a complete set.

Why not order a reversible cuddle pocket. £3.50 and £2 postage. 

3 for £5 and £1 postage. Each poinsettia has gold thread hand stitched all around the edge. 

Christmas cards can be personalised £1.50 each and £1 postage.
Christmas tree decoration with pet name added. 3 for £5 and £1 postage.

Shopping bag with lining £5 and £2 postage.
Christmas material shopping bag with double lining for strength and quality. £5 and £2 postage.

Cards can be personalized £1.50 each and £1 postage comes in pocket and inside paper page with Christmas message stamp.

Cuddle pocket with fleece inside and Christmas pattern material. £3.50 each and £2 postage.

Hammock house with Christmas material and fleece inside. Will come with split rings easy to fit onto your cage.

Four posted hammock comes with split rings christmas pattern material and fleece on the bottom side.

Poinsettia clip with gold thread can also do silver and sliver sequins instead. £1.50 each and £1 postage. 

Christmas decoration 3 for £5 and £1 postage. I will be doing more you can pick from mix and match.