Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Bex pets christmas stash.

Cards can be personalized they come with inserts in the inside. £1.50 and £1 postage. I combine postage when ever I can.
Hot water bottle cover.
£3.00 and £1 postage. I am hoping to be able to get hold of the hot water bottles so I can sell as a complete set.

Why not order a reversible cuddle pocket. £3.50 and £2 postage. 

3 for £5 and £1 postage. Each poinsettia has gold thread hand stitched all around the edge. 

Christmas cards can be personalised £1.50 each and £1 postage.
Christmas tree decoration with pet name added. 3 for £5 and £1 postage.

Shopping bag with lining £5 and £2 postage.
Christmas material shopping bag with double lining for strength and quality. £5 and £2 postage.

Cards can be personalized £1.50 each and £1 postage comes in pocket and inside paper page with Christmas message stamp.

Cuddle pocket with fleece inside and Christmas pattern material. £3.50 each and £2 postage.

Hammock house with Christmas material and fleece inside. Will come with split rings easy to fit onto your cage.

Four posted hammock comes with split rings christmas pattern material and fleece on the bottom side.

Poinsettia clip with gold thread can also do silver and sliver sequins instead. £1.50 each and £1 postage. 

Christmas decoration 3 for £5 and £1 postage. I will be doing more you can pick from mix and match.

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