Saturday, 25 June 2011

Guinea pig key ring £2 and 75p postage.

Guinea pig bed
£7.00 and £2 postage.

scented lavender
guinea pig. £3.00 and £2 postage.

Guinea pig keyring,
£2.00 and 75p postage.

Pin cushion £2.50 and £1 postage. For pick-a-piggie.

Mobile phone Cover £2.00 and 75p postage. 
For pick-a-piggie.

Guinea pig keyring £2.00 and 75p postage.  
For pick-a-piggie.
Four postage hammock house £3.50 and £1 postage. 
For pick-a-piggy.
Guinea pig bed, small rabbit or kitten.
£7.00 and £2 postage.
For pick-a-piggie.
Pin cushion £2.50 and £2 postage for pick-a-piggie.

Reversible cuddle pocket. Fleece and polycotton not for guinea pigs or animals that will chew. £4.50 and £2 postage. 

Tea cosset cover double sided. £4.50 and £2 postage.
For pick-a-piggie.

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