Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Plain avalible fleece for my makes. Your request is my demand.

Patterned fleece avalible that can be used for my makes.

Wellie socks £3.50 and £1 postage.  
 Customer feedback.
Since Fred has been feeling under the weather he has been living in his hammocky house. !
They are super, Pebbles loves her too is always in it! xx Jo
Bex's items are fab. Sharon.
I have one of your hammocks! It's pink and white polka dot and my girls LOVE it, it's a great size and washes really well, would recommend! Now i'm just looking for more things to buy, teehee

I can recommend Bex's things too, lovely fleeces, and everything so well made. Sue G
They are great 2 of my guinea-pigs have a tunnel made by Bex and they sleep in it, earlier today I saw both of them in it together Alicia.
I can highly recommend the hammocky houses and the waterproof lap blankets. All are a big hit here at the rescue.
Suzy xxx


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