Sunday, 13 February 2011

A bit on me and my guineakids.

Well from other people blogs I see there is some of their personalitys and life that are in them too. Mine at the moment as none of that, So here I go:-
I at the moment have 9 guinea pigs all boys. I love them all so very much and they make my life so full of goodness. I also have 4 rabbits 2 of which I am proud to say I managed to bond even though it didnt look as though they would at first. Rabbits are full of energy and dont like to be cuddled as much as guinea pigs do. They are an animal that is fun to watch.
My products. I have had great feedback on my hammack houses and have made two for my piggys. They dont get to get loads of products as some of you may think. Cos I am always making them to sell. Rather than making them to stock. I am making at the moment padded cage mats which have been requested for me to make. I am also making pillows to go in the beds instead of the form. Cos I have found once you wash them you have to re shape them.
Alfie my guinea pig who lives with my other guinea pig Gus. Loves sleeping in the hammack house as I have put a bed in there too. He does like it a bit to much has he will not share it with Gus. Alfie as always been a shy guinea pig so its odd to see him so teritorial.

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